McLaren Unfazed by Red Bull’s Reported Interest in Lando Norris, Remains Focused on Driver Satisfaction

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McLaren CEO Zak Brown Expresses Confidence in Relationship with Norris Amid Red Bull Speculation

As rumors circulate about Red Bull’s potential interest in signing McLaren driver Lando Norris, McLaren CEO Zak Brown has affirmed his confidence in the strong relationship the team maintains with Norris. Currently under contract with McLaren until the conclusion of the 2025 season, Norris has been a consistent performer for the team since his Formula 1 debut in 2019.

Speculation about Norris’s future intensified due to uncertainties surrounding Sergio Perez’s position as Max Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull. Despite Perez’s struggles, it remains unclear if Red Bull will seek a replacement from within its own pool of drivers, including Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda.

Notably, Norris had attracted interest from Red Bull previously, with Christian Horner, the team boss, confirming that discussions had taken place in the past. Informal interest reportedly persisted even after Norris signed his most recent contract with McLaren in early 2022.

Zak Brown addressed the ongoing speculation during McLaren’s 2024 livery launch event, emphasizing the team’s commitment to providing an environment where drivers, including Norris, feel valued and content. Brown expressed confidence in Norris’s satisfaction with McLaren, highlighting the positive working relationship between the driver and the team.

“I have a belief, that whether its employees, drivers, sponsors – that’s our job to take care of them and for them to want to be at McLaren,” stated Brown. “So, I tend to focus on making sure that McLaren is the best place environment and people want to be with us.”

Brown stressed the team’s role in creating an environment that aligns with the preferences of its drivers, indicating that McLaren’s approach involves ensuring drivers are content with their experiences within the team.

“I’m very confident the relationship that we have with Lando [remains strong]. I know he’s very excited for this year and was very impressed with what he saw in the second half of last year,” Brown affirmed. “He loves working with Andrea and everyone on the team. So, all we need to keep doing is giving him the environment he wants to be in.”

While acknowledging external factors that may influence drivers, Brown emphasized his confidence in Norris’s commitment to McLaren. Instead of engaging in a competitive approach against potential suitors, Brown underscored the team’s focus on nurturing strong internal relationships to retain drivers like Norris.