GAUS Unveils Mind-Blowing Toyota Prius Coupe at Tokyo Auto Salon: A Honda Integra Makeover

Toyota Prius Coupe (

In a surprising twist, students from Gunma Automobile College (GAUS) have shattered norms by presenting a jaw-dropping Toyota Prius Coupe at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. Contrary to expectations, this innovative creation is not born from a Prius but is, in fact, a radical transformation of a Honda Integra. Named “Will Get 650Vision,” this peculiar hybrid seamlessly blends Prius aesthetics with the performance roots of a Honda Integra.

Transforming a Honda Integra into a Prius Dream: Exterior Makeover

The genesis of the Prius Coupe lies in a fourth-generation Honda Integra, serving as the donor vehicle for this unique experiment. The front end proudly sports authentic Toyota Prius headlights, a custom bumper, wide fenders, and a sharper nose, effectively giving birth to an unparalleled synthesis of Japanese automotive design. Moving along the profile, the Coupe features deeper side skirts, widened rear fenders, and a fresh set of 18-inch wheels by Work.

Lexus Taillights, Interior Overhaul, and Performance Tweaks

At the rear, the spotlight is on blacked-out taillights sourced from a Lexus IS 350, seamlessly integrated to impart a distinct Toyota identity to the Integra base. The students’ ingenuity extends to a custom trunk with an integrated spoiler, a sporty bumper adorned with a glossy black diffuser-style trim, and dual tailpipes. Inside, Recaro bucket seats, a Momo steering wheel, and an iPad serving as an infotainment touchscreen redefine the cabin. The audio experience is enhanced by a more potent audio system from Diecock.

Under the hood, the original K20A 2.0-liter four-cylinder powertrain from Honda remains, generating 217 horsepower through ECU tuning, aligning with the performance of the Honda Integra Type R. A Plum AIRLIFT air suspension system adds a finishing touch, bringing the vehicle closer to the ground for an enhanced driving experience.

“Will Get 650Vision”: A One-Off Marvel by GAUS

The Prius Coupe, named “Will Get 650Vision,” is not just a testament to the out-of-the-box thinking of GAUS students but also a showcase of their expertise at the Tokyo Auto Salon. While declared a one-off project, it sparks curiosity about the potential emergence of other coupe versions of the Prius, potentially leveraging models like the Toyota GR86 as a creative base within the vibrant Japanese tuning community.