Sérgio Sette Câmara’s Unfortunate Start to Formula E Season: Car Failure Forces Abandonment

Sette Câmara (motorsportweek.com)

Brazilian Driver Experiences Dramatic Car Failure at Mexico City E-Prix, Prompts Safety Abandonment

Brazilian Formula E driver Sérgio Sette Câmara faced a frustrating start to the season as he failed to even start the Mexico City E-Prix due to a dramatic car failure. The incident occurred on the way to the grid, with Sette Câmara encountering a significant problem that forced him to abandon the race for safety reasons.

On-Track Incident and Safety Abandonment

Sette Câmara’s car suffered a major issue, marked by a “very loud noise” and the emergence of smoke. The driver quickly realized the severity of the problem when the red light, indicating the car’s safety status, illuminated inside the cockpit. To prioritize safety, Sette Câmara promptly exited the car. The exact cause of the incident remains unknown, but it is speculated to be related to the battery.

Driver’s Perspective on the Incident

Reflecting on the incident, Sette Câmara stated, “There was a very loud noise at the back of the car. That was definitely a bigger problem. There was smoke, and I saw the red light on the car, which indicates that the car is not safe. Then I jumped out of the car.” The Brazilian driver emphasized the seriousness of the situation, considering the loud noise and subsequent smoke.

ERT Formula E Team Struggles

The unfortunate incident compounds a challenging weekend for the ERT Formula E team. Throughout free practice, qualifying, and the race, the team faced difficulties, with Dan Ticktum finishing in a distant last place. The team is likely eager to move past the season opener and focus on addressing performance issues.

Lucky Escape and Investigation

After seeing the extent of the damage, Sette Câmara expressed gratitude for escaping unharmed, stating, “After seeing the damage and realizing what could have happened, I’m just glad I’m okay.” While the exact cause is yet to be determined, Sette Câmara believes the issue is battery-related. ERT and Formula E’s battery supplier, WAE, are collaborating to investigate the matter.

Sérgio Sette Câmara’s dramatic incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and uncertainties in motorsports, with safety always taking precedence in such situations. The investigation into the car failure will likely provide insights into preventing similar incidents in the future.