Xiaomi Refines Design of SU7 Electric Sedan Based on Customer Feedback

Xiaomi SU7 (carscoops.com)

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi, venturing into the electric vehicle (EV) realm, received praise for its debut SU7 sedan. However, attentive to consumer feedback, the company has subtly refined the design, as disclosed in documents filed with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. While the overall appearance remains unchanged, Xiaomi has implemented a few sporty tweaks based on user suggestions.

Subtle Yet Impactful Design Adjustments

The primary alteration is visible at the rear of the vehicle, where Xiaomi has introduced a smaller rear badge, enhancing the overall proportionality of the design. The brand’s name, previously occupying a significant portion of the trunk space, is now noticeably smaller. The design team has also expanded the options list, now offering 21-inch wheels (previously maxing out at 20), varied colors for brake calipers, and optional carbon fiber mirror caps, contributing to a more dynamic aesthetic.

Incorporating Expert Insights and Tech Marvels

While the specific source of design tweaks remains unspecified, Xiaomi has recently engaged with Chris Bangle, the renowned former BMW designer, seeking his insights on the SU7. Bangle, impressed with Xiaomi’s design team, emphasized their commendable work in a video. Positioned as a competitor to the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S, the SU7 boasts formidable specs, including a dual-motor setup, 664 hp, and a rapid 0-62 mph acceleration of 2.78 seconds.

Cutting-Edge Performance and Interior Excellence

The SU7 is anticipated to be a powerhouse, driven by a 101 kWh battery pack, offering an estimated range of 497 miles on a single charge. Leveraging an 800-volt architecture, the model can recover up to 137 miles of range in a swift five-minute charge. Beyond its impressive performance, the SU7 features a technologically advanced interior, with a 7.1-inch instrument screen and a 16.1-inch infotainment display, equipped with the latest gadgets and intuitive features, akin to cutting-edge tablets.