Porsche Panamera’s Palette: Unveiling the Art of Color Selection

Porsche (carbuzz.com)

Behind the Scenes of Porsche’s Meticulous Process in Crafting Striking Panamera Hues

Porsche’s third-generation Panamera, introduced late last year, not only brings sporty elegance to the executive sedan segment but also a vibrant palette of colors. In a recent dive into the brand’s color selection process, Porsche shed light on the meticulous steps taken to curate a stunning array of hues for the Panamera’s official color palette.

The journey begins with designers studying available tones, creating mood boards, and refining color visions. Discussions with suppliers follow to assess technical feasibility and market demands. Daniela Milosevic, Color & Trim Designer at Style Porsche, emphasizes the collaborative and creative aspects of this process.

Porsche recognizes the diverse preferences of its global customers. Asian buyers tend to favor bold color choices, while the U.S. market often leans towards more understated tones. The colors must also harmonize with Porsche’s upholstery options, adding another layer to the selection process.

The new Panamera offers captivating colors such as Montego Blue Metallic, Porsche Ice Grey Metallic, Lugano Blue, and Madeira Gold Metallic. These are organized into categories like Legends, Dreams, Shades, and Contrast, each catering to different tastes. The ‘Contrast’ category, for instance, includes classic hues like black and white, while ‘Dreams’ introduces more vibrant options like Lugano Blue and Madeira Gold Metallic.

Porsche goes beyond conventional color choices, offering over 170 shades through its exclusive Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus programs. Volker Muller, Head of Colour & Trim at Style Porsche, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to setting enduring trends and ensuring colors pass rigorous testing, including UV exposure, saltwater, stone impact, and fire damage.

Porsche’s exhaustive approach to color selection mirrors its commitment to quality and innovation, reinforcing the idea that every Porsche color is more than a trend – it’s a reflection of enduring style and excellence.