Eddie Jordan: Hamilton and Alonso Too Old to Keep Pace with Verstappen; Leclerc and Norris Ideal Challengers

Australian Gp Podium (motorposrtweek.com)

Former F1 Team Owner Suggests Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris as Prime Contenders Against Max Verstappen

Eddie Jordan, former Formula 1 team owner, asserts that both Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, despite their championship pedigree, are now too aged to match Max Verstappen’s pace in a title battle. Jordan, weighing in on potential challengers, believes that Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and McLaren’s Lando Norris would be the optimal driver pairing to take on Verstappen’s dominance.

Jordan emphasizes the advanced age of Hamilton (39) and Alonso (42) and doubts their ability to keep up with Verstappen. He contends that Leclerc and Norris, both younger talents, would be better suited for the task. Jordan suggests that if he were to form a top team, Leclerc and Norris would be the only pairing capable of challenging Verstappen effectively.

While acknowledging the talent of Leclerc and Norris, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko raises concerns about their consistency. Marko acknowledges the strengths of the young drivers but warns about their past inconsistencies. He also asserts that Verstappen has not reached his limit and can further improve. Marko challenges the team to provide Verstappen with a car that matches the performance of the previous season.

In the 2022 season, Leclerc finished as the runner-up to Verstappen in the Drivers’ standings, showcasing his potential. Norris, benefiting from McLaren’s resurgence, secured a career-best seven podiums but is still in pursuit of his maiden Formula 1 victory.