Fisker Teases Luxurious Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition Following Strong Q4 Sales

Fisker Ocean Monterey Edition teaser (

Fisker Continues Momentum into 2024 with a Special Edition Model Responding to Customer Demand

Fisker, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has revealed a glimpse of its upcoming model, the Fisker Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition. Following a successful fourth quarter in 2023, where the company saw a fourfold increase in sales, this new special edition aims to elevate the luxuriousness of the Fisker Ocean electric crossover even further. Henrik Fisker, the founder of the company, notes that the model was conceptualized in response to customer desires.

Exclusive Paint Option: The special edition introduces a new paint option named “Sun Soaked.” Described as a metallic gloss paint, it will be complemented by color-accent details throughout the vehicle’s interior and on its wheels.

Premium Interior: The teaser images suggest that the interior of the Monterey Edition will feature upholstery with a suede-like material, emphasizing luxury and comfort.

Sustainable Design: Fisker remains committed to sustainability, and despite the focus on luxury, the company plans to use innovative recycled materials to minimize the carbon footprint of the Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition.

Henrik Fisker expressed excitement about the new paint color, stating, “It catches the sun beautifully and has a warm, coppery, mineral tone – it truly looks like nothing else on the road.”

Sustainability and Luxury Blend:
Acknowledging the demand for a more upscale yet highly sustainable interior, Fisker aims to strike a balance with the Monterey Edition, catering to customers who prioritize both luxury and eco-conscious choices.

Limited Production and Availability:
Fisker plans to produce a limited number of Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition models, with details about the production volume and pricing set to be disclosed in the coming months. The model is expected to be available for order in the second half of the year.

While the Fisker Ocean lineup already includes the Sport, Ultra, and Extreme trim levels, the Monterey Edition aims to be the most premium offering in the range. Fisker’s foray into this special edition underscores its commitment to meeting customer expectations and delivering vehicles that combine luxury with sustainability.