Guenther Steiner Denies Distraction: Authoring a Book Amidst F1 Challenges

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Former Haas F1 Boss Dismisses Claims of Distraction, Emphasizes Positive Impact on Team

Former Haas Formula 1 team principal, Guenther Steiner, has refuted suggestions that his involvement in writing a book and various television appearances served as distractions during his tenure with the American team. Steiner, who recently penned the successful book “Surviving to Drive” providing insights into Haas’ 2022 campaign, has addressed the perceived impact on his management role.

Book Success and Second Volume:

Steiner’s debut book, “Surviving to Drive,” offering behind-the-scenes details of Haas’ 2022 season, has sold 150,000 copies to date.
Despite claims of distraction, Steiner revealed that work on a second book was already in progress before his departure from Haas was confirmed at the end of 2023.
The second volume aims to continue the narrative, potentially influenced by Steiner’s changing circumstances.

Experience and Collaboration:

Steiner expressed enjoyment and learning from the experience of working with ghostwriter James Hogg, emphasizing the organic nature of their collaboration.
Described the writing process as a completely new experience, shedding light on various industries and how things are done.

Impact on Performance:

Steiner downplayed the idea that external ventures, such as book writing and television appearances, significantly contributed to Haas finishing at the bottom of the Constructors’ standings in 2023.
Highlighted that the distractions were not as extensive as perceived, and activities like book writing and TV appearances were manageable alongside daily responsibilities.

Netflix’s Drive to Survive:

Steiner’s popularity rose with appearances on the Netflix Drive to Survive docuseries.
Despite increased attention, he dismissed claims that these ventures negatively affected the team’s performance.

Balancing Responsibilities:

Shared insights into the manageable nature of external commitments, stating that, even during race weekends, he had a limited number of sponsor appearances.
Clarified the writing process, indicating that a ghostwriter handled the majority of the work, allowing Steiner to contribute during scheduled sessions.

Positive Team Impact:

Steiner suggested that the team benefited from these activities, particularly in attracting sponsors.
Emphasized that external engagements did not detract significantly from the daily responsibilities of managing an F1 team.

Guenther Steiner’s foray into book writing and television appearances is portrayed as a positive and enriching experience, with the former Haas team principal dismissing claims that these activities adversely impacted the team’s performance in Formula 1. The success of his book and the planned second volume stand as testaments to Steiner’s multifaceted engagement beyond the racing track.