Nissan Introduces Cube Retro Renovation: A Quirky Restomod Service for Beloved Boxy City Cars

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Exclusive Restomod Service in Japan Allows Nissan Cube Owners to Revive Their City Cars with Custom and Refresh Packages

Nissan is set to delight fans of the iconic Cube in Japan with the introduction of the Cube Retro Renovation service, a unique restomod offering tailored for those who cherish their quirky city cars. While sadly limited to Japan, this service transforms the boxy Nissan Cube into a reimagined and refreshed design, offering customers a chance to relive the charm of this distinctive vehicle.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Cube Retro Renovation service entails:

Distinctive Features:

The Cube Retro Renovation service is a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) deal, allowing customers to purchase a restomodded Cube directly from Nissan.
Customers can choose from two main packages: “Custom” and “Refresh,” each catering to different preferences and needs.

Refresh Package:

Focuses on providing the Cube with a showroom-fresh look by addressing aging cosmetic parts.
Includes rejuvenation or replacement of carpeting, interior trim, headlights, rubber trim, wipers, and other exterior components.
Damaged or worn parts are replaced as needed to ensure a refreshed and revitalized appearance.

Custom Package:

Allows buyers to personalize their Cube with various custom accessories and modifications.
Comprehensive options include a two-tone paint job, funky 3D cube graphics, color-coded hubcaps, and upscale leather upholstery for the interior.
Customers can tailor their Cube to reflect their style preferences, creating a unique and personalized driving experience.

A La Carte Options:

For those who prefer specific enhancements, Nissan offers accessories separately, allowing customers to pick and choose from different services.
The Cube Retro Renovation service offers flexibility, letting owners decide the extent of restoration and customization.

Limited Availability:

The restomod service is exclusive, with only 20 units set to receive the Cube Retro Renovation treatment.
Priced at approximately ¥1,685,293 (around $11,400), the service offers an affordable option for Cube enthusiasts looking to relive the charm of their beloved city cars.

Future Possibilities:

While the initial offering focuses on cosmetic enhancements, there’s potential for the program to gain a niche following, prompting Nissan to explore further possibilities.
Speculation includes the potential for updated engines with superior fuel economy, increased power, or even an electric drivetrain conversion.

Legacy and Similar Services:

The Cube Retro Renovation service follows in the footsteps of Nissan’s commitment to preserving the legacy of its cherished models, reminiscent of Nismo’s service for classic Skyline GT-Rs.

While the Cube Retro Renovation service is currently limited to Japan, it stands as a testament to Nissan’s dedication to honoring the unique character of the Cube. As Cube enthusiasts embark on this nostalgic journey with their restomodded city cars, the program’s success may pave the way for further innovations and offerings in the realm of classic car restorations.