Thieves Brutally Rip Headlights Off Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo in Düsseldorf

Porsche Taycan Cross turismo (

Violent Act Causes Extensive Damage to Electric Vehicle

In a shocking incident in Düsseldorf, Germany, thieves brutally ripped off the headlights of a parked Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, causing significant damage to the electric vehicle (EV). The perpetrators, using a sharp tool, eviscerated the car during the night, destroying the front fenders in the process. The violent act, aimed at quickly removing the valuable headlights, resulted in a five-digit repair cost for the owner.

The aftermath of the incident, including photos of the vandalized Taycan, was shared on Reddit, garnering attention from Porsche enthusiasts who were disturbed by the sight. The front fenders were cut in half, exposing internal components, and the thieves left the alloy wheels untouched despite their vulnerability. The unconventional method used by the thieves to access the headlight wiring involved significant damage to the vehicle’s body.

Remarkably, the thieves only took the headlights from the Mamba Green Metallic electric wagon, leaving other valuable components, such as the alloy wheels, untouched. Each matrix LED headlight for the Porsche Taycan costs $4,390 in the United States, making the stolen pair worth $8,780.

While some automakers, such as BMW, implement measures to prevent the swapping of headlights between different cars by encoding them to the original vehicle using the VIN, it remains unclear if Porsche has a similar security policy. However, a skilled hacker could potentially bypass such security measures.

The incident brings back memories of a surge in Porsche headlight thefts in Amsterdam in 2012. In that case, thieves were suspected of using stolen xenon units as grow lights for marijuana. The current owner of the damaged Taycan Cross Turismo is likely hoping that insurance will cover the repair costs, allowing the EV to be restored to its original condition.