Huge twist in NASCAR’s racing format! What’s coming next will shock you!

NASCAR’s bold move to eliminate cautions between stage breaks on road and street courses has come to an abrupt halt. Elton Sawyer, the senior vice president of competition at NASCAR, confirmed this news on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. Fans and racers alike will see the re-introduction of these stage break cautions in the upcoming Xfinity and Cup playoff races scheduled for Oct. 7 and 8.

Reflecting on the decision, Sawyer stated, “Looking back at our five preceding road course races, while they showcased competitive spirit, there was a feeling of a missing element. Some believed we had room for tweaks, especially reintroducing the caution stage breaks, which could enhance the race dynamics.”

Originally, NASCAR’s vision was to allow races to flow more organically by eliminating these stage break cautions. Despite having specified stages, no cautions were presented upon the completion of each stage. Instead, points were allocated based on the top 10 running order. A peek into recent history reveals that the last two Cup road course races – the Indy Road Course and Watkins Glen International – each had a single caution and averaged just above two hours in duration.

But that’s not all the news that Sawyer shared.

NASCAR has made yet another strategic alteration, specifically for the Roval races. This change focuses on the restart zone, a decision inspired by earlier races this season. Aimed at minimizing the risk of first-turn pile-ups during starts and restarts, the restart zone will now find its place at the exit of the frontstretch chicane at the Roval.

Sawyer added, “This adjustment will provide a tad more separation in the initial two or three rows as racers navigate into Turn 1.”

Whether you’re a hardcore NASCAR enthusiast or just a casual viewer, these changes promise to make the races even more exhilarating!