Toyota’s tense triumph: 10 jaw-dropping takeaways from the WEC 6 Hours of Fuji

Toyota pulled off an astonishing win at the World Endurance Championship’s 6 Hours of Fuji, claiming the Hypercar manufacturers’ title. This win wasn’t just a solo achievement – there were a plethora of lessons, discoveries, and stories unfolding behind the scenes. Here’s what you need to know.

1. **Toyota’s Legacy**: The World Endurance Championship’s summer break culminated in a fierce competition at Fuji. Toyota maintained its unbeaten run since 2016, with a commendable 1-2 finish.

2. **Porsche’s Challenge**: Despite Toyota’s win, Porsche posed the most significant challenge yet, highlighting the growing competitiveness of the GR010 HYBRID.

3. **The “Kamui Effect”**: Kamui Kobayashi stole the show with a stellar performance in the Toyota GR010 HYBRID, scoring pole position and maintaining a strong lead. His profound knowledge of the circuit, combined with his past experiences, gave him a distinct advantage.

4. **WEC Title Dynamics**: The title contention has been intense. Despite Kobayashi, Mike Conway, and Jose Maria Lopez securing four victories in six races, they are still trailing their Toyota teammates by 15 points.

5. **Porsche’s Assertion**: Contrary to skeptics’ beliefs, Porsche showcased that its 963 is a formidable competitor in the WEC, marking one of the best performances by LMP2-based prototypes in the series.

6. **Ferrari’s Silence**: The Italian powerhouse chose to remain tight-lipped about the Balance of Performance (BoP), reflecting their adherence to regulations and perhaps some underlying strategies.

7. **Cadillac’s Homework**: After a promising start, Cadillac faced several challenges, from old tires to on-track penalties. They might have gleaned valuable insights for their future races.

8. **Jota’s Weather Woes**: The unpredictable weather conditions at Fuji proved challenging for the Jota team, affecting their race strategies and overall performance.

9. **Peugeot’s Performance Woes**: The avant-garde Peugeot 9X8 could not match its previous performance. The car’s unique design posed a challenge, especially when it came to setting the BoP.

10. **Rising Star – Ritomo Miyata**: Toyota’s latest WEC junior, Ritomo Miyata, displayed his talent, a treat for fans familiar with Super Formula and SUPER GT. His performance has set the stage for exciting races in the future.

Toyota’s recent victory at Fuji wasn’t just about the race – it was a testament to the evolving dynamics of endurance racing. As we gear up for more such races, the championship battle promises to be a thrilling spectacle.