Tensions rise in SUPER GT: Exclusive insights with four-time GT500 champ Ronnie Quintarelli!

As the SUPER GT 2023 season reaches its climax, fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating the results of the upcoming Sugo round. The title race has been nothing short of exhilarating, and with only three races left in the calendar, the stakes have never been higher.

**The Current Standings**

The top three spots in the drivers’ standings are fiercely contested, with leading teams from Nissan, Toyota, and Honda, each holding a position. These rankings have added an extra layer of excitement, reminding us that in motorsport, anything can happen.

**Recapping the Suzuka Drama**

In a thrilling turn of events at the Suzuka race, Honda clinched a much-awaited victory. However, the spotlight also shone on the NISMO pair – Ronnie Quintarelli and Tsugio Matsuda. They were unfortunately demoted from their second-place finish due to a technical discrepancy. This incident was particularly poignant, considering Matsuda’s significant crash at Suzuka earlier this season.

**Ronnie Quintarelli**

Ronnie Quintarelli, the four-time GT500 champion, has spoken about the complexities of the Suzuka race, which despite showing promise for Quintarelli and Matsuda, ended in frustration.

Quintarelli, who has been a staple in Japanese racing for over two decades, shared his perspective on the championship. He opened up about his motivation to keep competing at the pinnacle of the sport, even as he enters his 40s. Sanson and Klein, together with Quintarelli, also revisited the major highlights since their last show.

**Looking Forward**

With the Sugo race on the horizon, all eyes are on what promises to be a game-changer in the title battle. As the excitement builds, fans are left to wonder: who will emerge as this year’s SUPER GT champion?