Dramatic team swap: Percat’s bold move after two-year struggle at WAU!

After a challenging two-year stint with the renowned WAU team, Nick Percat’s tenure is drawing to a close. As this season concludes, the promising newcomer Ryan Wood is set to take his place in the #2 WAU slot. Meanwhile, Percat has his sights set on Matt Stone Racing, where he’ll step in for Jack Le Brocq, who’s on his way to Erebus.

Percat’s decision to join WAU at the end of 2021 was a surprising one for many. Leaving behind a contract with Brad Jones Racing, he teamed up with Chaz Mostert at Clayton. The move was audacious, especially considering he was taking on the formidable pair of Mostert and engineer Adam DeBorre. Yet, no one anticipated the challenges Percat would face during his time at WAU.

Despite working with various race engineers and the transition from Gen2 to Gen3, consistent performance eluded Percat. Commenting on his experience at WAU, he said “There’s absolutely no doubting, or nowhere to hide, on that. I wouldn’t say the last two years have been great.” Yet, he remains unrepentant about his choice to switch teams, firmly believing that every decision has its purpose.

Though Percat had limited interactions with Matt Stone prior to their negotiations for the upcoming season, a recent visit to the MSR operation in Queensland piqued his interest. The tight-knit, familial environment reminiscent of his successful days at BJR swayed his decision. “It really does have a family feel,” Percat emphasized.

The prospect of partnering with a dynamic teammate like Cameron Hill also excites Percat. Reflecting on their past encounters, he remarked, “I actually ran a Formula Ford against him back when he was battling for the championship there.” Above all, with the latest move, Percat is enthusiastic about rejuvenating his career, saying, “I’m keen to get back to going racing, being ‘normal Nick’ and back at the front. You don’t just forget how to drive overnight.”