Nick Percat’s epic switch: The move that shakes up the Supercars grid!

The recent MSR deal comes as a much-needed break for Nick Percat, who has endured a challenging spell of one and a half seasons with Walkinshaw Andretti United. Speculations were rife about his impending departure from the team, which has now been officially confirmed.

Several seasoned drivers, including Scott Pye, were in contention for the MSR slot. However, it was Percat who triumphed in securing the position, which might well be the only full-time opening in the upcoming season. This is provided that James Courtney and Aaron Love become part of the anticipated expansion of the Blanchard Racing Team.

Nick Percat isn’t new to family-driven teams. His impressive track record boasts victories with LD Motorsport and Brad Jones Racing, with the latter becoming his stronghold from 2017 to 2021.

For the forthcoming season, he will be teaming up with the recently on-boarded rookie, Cam Hill, at MSR. This seat, formerly occupied by Le Brocq, has previously seen race-winning glories.

In Percat’s words: “Joining MSR for the 2024 and 2025 Supercars seasons is a thrilling prospect. Matt’s team exudes a familial spirit and culture. My few interactions with him assured me of my decision to be a part of his team. Coming back to the GM family feels like a reunion, considering its deep-rooted significance in my family’s legacy. MSR’s achievements with the new Gen3 car have been commendable. Getting to know the team, it’s clear why they’re thriving, and I’m eager to contribute to their continued success.”

MSR views the inclusion of Percat as a valuable addition, particularly after the exit of Erebus-bound Le Brocq. The team shared, “Having Nick, a proven race-winner, on board for a multi-year contract is exhilarating. Our primary aim is the Bathurst 1000. With Nick’s prowess, especially his consistent performances at BJR, we’re optimistic about achieving our goals. Teaming him with Cameron Hill promises an exciting couple of seasons ahead.”