Frontline cars offers classic MGB restorations with a choice of V8 or electric power

Frontline Cars (

Frontline Cars, known for its restoration expertise, is offering two exciting options for classic car enthusiasts looking to revive the iconic MGB. In honor of the MGB’s 60th anniversary, Frontline Cars has introduced restoration programs that offer a choice of two distinct powertrains:

V8-Powered MGB:

Frontline Cars offers an MGB restoration with a modern twist, featuring a 4.8-liter Rover V8 engine producing an impressive 375 horsepower.
The V8-powered MGB includes a five-speed manual transmission for a traditional driving experience.
This model boasts a wider body constructed by British Motor Heritage, suspension upgrades, and enhanced brakes with six-piston alloy calipers in the front and four-piston alloys in the rear.
The chassis incorporates a limited-slip differential for improved traction, and the suspension is fine-tuned by Nitron.
Named the LE60, this V8-powered MGB is one of the most powerful MGBs created by Frontline Cars, combining classic aesthetics with modern performance.
Battery-Electric MGBs (MG Bee Roadster and MG Bee GT):

Frontline Cars offers two electric MGB models, the MG Bee roadster and the MG Bee GT, both equipped with a 40-kWh battery and a Hyper9 100v motor.
These electric MGBs retain a three-pedal setup, mimicking the feel of a manual transmission, while allowing starting in any gear and preventing stalls.
The Hyper9 motor delivers 114 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque, providing a period-correct driving experience with a 0-to-62 mph time of 8.8 seconds.
Charging the 40-kWh battery takes approximately five hours using a 7-kW charger.
These electric MGBs offer an alternative for enthusiasts seeking classic aesthetics with an electric powertrain, catering to urban environments and regions with emissions regulations.
While the V8-powered MGB offers high-performance capabilities with a classic touch, the electric MGBs provide a period-correct driving experience with an eco-friendly electric powertrain. Both restoration options preserve the timeless appeal of the MGB while catering to different preferences among classic car enthusiasts.

Frontline Cars’ MGB restoration programs showcase the company’s commitment to combining classic automotive heritage with modern technology, offering enthusiasts a choice between classic V8 power and electric mobility. The availability of these two powertrain options ensures that MGB enthusiasts can continue to enjoy this iconic model for years to come.