Marc Márquez’s future in MotoGP remains uncertain: Will he stay with Honda or move to Ducati or Gresini?

Marc Márquez (

In a surprising turn of events, Marc Márquez, the eight-time Grand Prix champion, has left MotoGP fans speculating about his future in the sport. Despite his long-standing relationship with Honda, including six MotoGP titles won together, a lucrative contract extending through 2024, and a history of loyalty, Márquez has hinted at the possibility of a change.

Key Points:

Speculation About a Move: Rumors emerged in August suggesting that Marc Márquez might consider leaving Honda for Ducati, a tantalizing prospect given his stellar track record. However, several factors, including his existing contract and successful history with Honda, made it appear unlikely.

Márquez’s Ambiguity: Instead of quashing the rumors, Márquez added fuel to the fire. He emphasized the importance of teamwork in developing the 2024 bike with Honda but also left room for other possibilities.

Options for 2024: After testing the 2024 development bike and expressing dissatisfaction with it, Márquez announced that he had three options for the 2024 MotoGP season. He initially suggested revealing his decision between the Indian and Japanese Grands Prix but later postponed the announcement, stating that he needed to stay focused on racing in Motegi.

Potential Destinations: Márquez’s options for 2024 could include joining the Gresini Racing team, where he would ride alongside his brother Alex. However, such a move would necessitate negotiations to exit his contract with Honda. Other potential scenarios remain shrouded in uncertainty.

Prioritizing Results: Márquez has emphasized that, at 30 years old, he is determined to return to winning and that “only results count.” His desire to compete at the front of the pack and secure victories seems to be a driving force behind his decision-making process.

The Future of Honda: While Márquez has kept his options open, he maintains a special relationship with Honda, a manufacturer he has been with for many years. Despite the challenges they face, Márquez and Honda are working together to find the best solution for their shared project.

Aiming for a World Championship: Márquez’s ultimate goal remains to become a world champion once again, and he understands the importance of having a team fully committed to achieving that goal.

As MotoGP fans eagerly await Marc Márquez’s decision regarding his future in the sport, the uncertainty surrounding his next move continues to captivate the motorcycle racing world. While a return to Honda seems plausible, the allure of new opportunities with other teams, such as Ducati or Gresini, keeps the MotoGP community on the edge of their seats.