Isuzu joins the Electric Truck Movement with a 2025 EV pickup

Official sketches of the facelifted Isuzu D-Max (

Isuzu is set to enter the electric truck market with an all-new model scheduled for release in 2025. This battery electric pickup marks Isuzu’s foray into the production of passenger EVs and will be manufactured in Thailand, with its initial launch targeting European markets.

The official confirmation of Isuzu’s electric vehicle venture came from Shinsuke Minami, Isuzu’s President and COO, during the launch event for the facelifted D-Max in Bangkok, Thailand. Minami stated, “Isuzu is actively making efforts to realize a carbon-neutral society. Going forward, Isuzu plans to produce a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) pickup truck in Thailand. Isuzu will first introduce it in Europe and then examine its gradual rollout by meeting the needs of each market, including Thailand.”

While the press release did not reveal specific details about the upcoming model, reports from Japanese media suggest that it will likely be a fully electric version of the popular Isuzu D-Max pickup, which currently constitutes 40% of Isuzu’s global sales. Isuzu had previously introduced a fully electric version of the NRR series of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), scheduled for market launch in 2024. A similar approach could be employed for the pickup, possibly using a modified version of the existing ladder-frame architecture and adaptable battery pack options.

According to Nikkei Asia, the electric pickup is expected to make its debut as early as 2025, initially targeting European markets, followed by Southeast Asian markets and potentially China, where electric trucks are gaining popularity. However, Isuzu’s electric pickup will face competition from other automakers, as some of its rivals in the midsize pickup segment, such as Ford and Toyota, have also announced plans for electrified versions of their trucks.

Isuzu’s entry into the electric pickup market underscores the industry’s shift towards sustainable mobility solutions and the growing demand for electric vehicles across the globe.