Strike wave sweeps auto industry as Mack Truck workers walk out

Mack Trcuk (

In a labor upheaval hitting the auto industry, unionized workers at Mack Trucks initiated a strike after rejecting a proposed five-year contract agreement. The United Auto Workers (UAW) announced that 4,000 workers went on strike at 7 a.m., contributing to the growing labor turmoil affecting Detroit’s big three automakers.

The strike has now escalated, with over 30,000 UAW members across 22 states on picket lines, marking a significant challenge for the industry. Union President Shawn Fain revealed that 73% of workers voted against the tentative deal, which had been reached earlier this month.

Mack workers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida are represented by the UAW, and the tentative agreement included a 19% pay raise over the contract’s duration, with 10% upon ratification. Despite this, disagreements over work schedules, health and safety, pensions, healthcare, prescription drug coverage, and other issues have prevented a resolution. The strike reflects workers’ demands for fair wages and benefits, aligning with the recent labor unrest in the auto sector.

Mack Trucks President Stephen Roy expressed disappointment over the strike, emphasizing the unique challenges the heavy truck manufacturer faces compared to passenger car makers. The strike wave continues to impact the auto industry, highlighting the collective bargaining struggles and demands for competitive wages and benefits.