Tesla enhances camera quality for HW3 Vehicles with Over-the-Air Update

Tesla (carbuzz.com)

Improved Cameras Aim to Enhance Safety and Autopilot Features

Tesla has delivered another over-the-air (OTA) software update, this time focusing on enhancing the camera quality of Hardware 3 (HW3) vehicles. Known for its frequent OTA upgrades, Tesla’s latest update aims to improve safety and provide drivers with better visibility.

Tesla customer Efieber shared the update’s impact on Twitter, calling it a “game changer.” A comparison of before and after images reveals a significant improvement in camera quality. The “before” image displays a disorienting red tint and blurred edges in low-light conditions, while the OTA upgrade delivers enhanced clarity, improved colors, and no blurring. This improvement aids drivers when reversing in challenging spaces and helps them identify potential obstacles earlier, ultimately preventing damage to their Model 3.

However, the significance of this upgrade extends beyond improved visibility while reversing. Tesla vehicles rely on their camera systems for the Autopilot and Full-Self Driving (FSD) systems. While Autopilot uses eight cameras and vision processing to navigate safely, there have been concerns about its performance. The upgraded cameras could potentially enhance the safety and functionality of these controversial features.

Many Tesla owners have praised the camera quality improvement, finding it a valuable addition. Nevertheless, not everyone is equally impressed, with some users mentioning that the updated images appear too bright and saturated compared to the previous version.

InsideEVs reports that FSD beta users have particularly noted a marked improvement in the side-repeater camera quality, which should enhance the car’s performance under FSD. Tesla has not specified which models will receive this new update, but it is expected to be available for all cars equipped with HW3.

Certain Tesla EVs are now equipped with HW4 as they roll out of the factory. For example, the Model Y received minor updates, including Hardware 4 and slight styling changes, during its launch in China. It is expected that the refreshed Model 3 will follow in the United States soon.

While this camera upgrade is a welcome improvement, Tesla enthusiasts should be aware that the company is already working on its next-generation platform. CEO Elon Musk has hinted that this new architecture will be produced at a higher volume and will likely underpin several new Tesla models in the future.