Xiaomi’s electric vehicle to offer extended-range hybrid version alongside EV model

Xiaomi Eletric Model (carscoops.com)

Xiaomi’s highly anticipated electric vehicle (EV), expected to be named the Modena, is set to offer not only a pure EV variant but also an extended-range hybrid version, according to a recent report. Xiaomi’s entry into the electric vehicle market will come with two distinct powertrain options, catering to different preferences and needs.

The base version of the Xiaomi Modena EV will utilize a Blade battery sourced from BYD, featuring a 400-volt architecture. In contrast, the flagship model will incorporate CATL’s Qilin batteries, boasting an impressive 101 kWh capacity and an 800-volt architecture. Additionally, Xiaomi will provide customers with the option to equip the Modena with a range extender, enhancing its overall versatility.

Details about the range-extender version are limited, including its exact range on electric power alone. However, this option is likely to broaden the appeal of the Modena, as it offers the flexibility of a hybrid powertrain.

Xiaomi officially announced its foray into the electric vehicle market just two years ago. Earlier this year, leaked images of the Modena surfaced online, and local reports suggest that Xiaomi is currently producing 50 prototypes per week at a factory in Beijing.

The Modena aims to compete with established electric vehicle models like the Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal. It is expected to be priced starting at around 200,000 yuan ($27,392) in China, making it a compelling option in the market.

Despite being a newcomer in the automotive industry, Xiaomi has ambitious goals. The company’s founder, Lei Jun, previously stated that the top five car brands globally will hold more than 80% of the EV market share as the industry matures. To ensure Xiaomi’s place in this landscape, the company aims to be one of the top five automakers and produce over 10 million cars annually.