Collector preserves rare Top Secret tuned cars including V12 Supra

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A passionate restorer, Colton Amster, takes ownership of iconic Top Secret tuned cars, including a D1 Grand Prix-winning Nissan Silvia S15, a Nissan R33 GT-R, and a turbocharged 3S-GTE-swapped Toyota Supra. He is committed to keeping these automotive legends alive and is even planning reunions with the original drivers of these iconic vehicles.

Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata’s Top Secret has gained notoriety for its high-performance JDM builds and Nissan GT-R T-Spec recreations. The shop is known for its bold, gold-colored creations and has made headlines for producing a V12-powered Supra used in illicit high-speed highway runs caught on film. Top Secret’s portfolio includes the iconic D1 Grand Prix-winning Nissan Silvia S15, a Nissan R33 GT-R, and the notorious 800-horsepower 3S-GTE-swapped Toyota Supra.

The owner of Redline Restorations in New York, Colton Amster, is the proud owner of all three of these legendary vehicles. Amster is dedicated to preserving these iconic cars and keeping their legacies alive. Recently, he and his trio of Top Secret cars were interviewed by Larry Chen, where Amster shared insights into these renowned JDM creations.

Amster’s collection includes the Nissan Silvia S15, a car that earned its place in history when Ryuji Miki drove it to victory in the 2004 D1 Grand Prix Drift Series, defeating seasoned pro-drifter Daigo Saito. While it’s a formidable drift machine, the S15 lacks air conditioning, making it less suitable for street driving. However, Amster revealed that the lack of air-conditioning is the only thing preventing it from being a street car. The S15 was imported to the United States due to Top Secret’s partnership with U.S.-based entities like Bulletproof Automotive. It’s even made appearances in video games, including the Forza series. Despite its impressive performance, the Top Secret S15 is relatively straightforward compared to modern drift builds. It retains a stock e-brake and gearbox while packing a tuned inline-six engine with 534 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. Amster mentioned that he has addressed fuel system issues that affected the vehicle.

The Nissan R33 GT-R in Amster’s collection started life as a V-spec car with a specific chassis configuration. Interestingly, Smokey Nagata used this car as his daily driver, showcasing the vehicle’s dual-purpose nature. The car features N1 components for its RB26DETT engine, and it’s equipped with a Top Secret front bumper and rear wing.

However, the crown jewel of Amster’s collection is the legendary turbocharged 3S-GTE-swapped Toyota Supra, a vehicle used by Smokey Nagata to break the 200 mph barrier. Although it bears a resemblance to the famous RB26-swapped Supra that caused a sensation on the UK’s A1 expressway in 1998, this Supra retains the original front fascia of the Mark IV Supra, distinguishing it from the bespoke front end of the iconic car. The 3S-GTE engine produces an astonishing 800 horsepower, an impressive feat for an inline-four engine.

While Amster treasures these iconic cars, he also has grand plans for the future. He intends to reunite the original drivers with their respective vehicles for special exhibitions. The Nissan Silvia S15 will dazzle with a sideways drift exhibition, while the Toyota Supra will embark on a thrilling high-speed run. For automotive enthusiasts, this promises to be a spectacular event worth waiting for, and Amster hopes to make it happen soon.