Original Road-Legal Ford GT40 (carbuzz.com)

A road-legal Ford GT40 MK1 with an important history is now available for sale, making it a sought-after gem for collectors and automotive enthusiasts.

Owning an original road-legal Ford GT40 MK1 is akin to having a piece of automotive history. While the price is listed as “POA” (Price on Application), it’s safe to say that this rare gem requires a substantial investment, likely reaching eight figures. It’s a true unicorn in the world of classic cars.

What makes this GT40 particularly special is that it’s not a replica but an original MK1 model. While there are exceptional replica GT40s available, even the replicas come with a relatively high price tag due to their popularity among collectors and racers. This example, chassis P/1069, stands out as one of the rarest GT40s ever made.

Most GT40s were produced as race cars for private teams. Road-legal versions were even scarcer, making this GT40 MK1 exceptional. Chassis P/1069 was built to order for Ford USA and served as a press car. Ford likely used it to showcase Carroll Shelby’s legendary creation and the fierce on-track battles with Ferrari that cemented the GT40’s iconic status.

After its stint as a press car in the USA, the GT40 was loaned to the Swiss racing team, Scuderia Filipinetti. The team raced a GT40 in the FIA’s World Endurance Championship and displayed the car in Metallic Borneo Green at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show. Following its time in Switzerland, the GT40 made its way to the UK, where it continued its service as a press car.

Remarkably, it survived the wear and tear of the British press and enthusiasts eager to experience a piece of racing history. It made its final appearance at the 1969 Geneva Motor Show after winning Le Mans four consecutive times. Subsequently, the GT40 was sold to a private collector who courageously entered it in a classic car race at the Goodwood Revival in 2007, a testament to its enduring racing spirit.

The car has since been restored to its factory Opalescent Silver Blue paint, with all racing components removed to regain its road-legal status. Its stunning aesthetics and rich history make this GT40 MK1 a highly desirable collector’s item, distinguished from the 2005 Ford GT and the 2018 revamp. While Ford has no plans to revive the GT, the Mustang GTD appears to be its spiritual successor.

For those passionate about automotive history and legendary racing heritage, this original Ford GT40 MK1 represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of motoring legend.