McLaren to unveil secret Supercar at Velocity International

McLaren’s Brand-New Superca (

McLaren is preparing to reveal a “very special McLaren supercar” as part of its 60th-anniversary celebrations at the Velocity International event.

While details are scarce, speculation suggests it could belong to the Ultimate series, potentially succeeding the McLaren P1. The vehicle might feature McLaren’s new high-performance hybrid V8 powertrain, aiming for remarkable performance and driver engagement.

As part of its 60th-anniversary celebrations, McLaren is preparing to unveil a “very special McLaren supercar” at the Velocity International event. While specific details remain a well-guarded secret, McLaren’s history of delivering high-performance vehicles has enthusiasts eager to see what the new supercar will bring to the table. In this article, we explore the limited information available about this secret McLaren supercar, its potential placement within the lineup, and its significance in McLaren’s history.

The Upcoming McLaren Supercar:
While McLaren has not disclosed many details about its new supercar, there are some key considerations that provide hints about the vehicle:

Limited Information:
McLaren has been tight-lipped about the new creation, referring to it as a “very special McLaren supercar.” The company has not shared additional details about the vehicle’s specifications, design, or features.

Superior Performance Expected:
Based on past McLaren supercars and the description of this vehicle as “very special,” it’s reasonable to assume that the new supercar will offer impressive performance and innovation.

Placement within the Lineup:
Given the terminology used, it’s unlikely that this supercar will be McLaren’s first-ever electric SUV or a rumored four-door electric sedan. This suggests that the new vehicle might belong to McLaren’s exclusive Ultimate series.

Potential P1 Successor:
One theory is that this secret supercar could be a long-awaited replacement for the McLaren P1, which was first introduced a decade ago. CEO Michael Leiters has previously hinted that a potential P1 successor would be fully electric, yet not excessively heavy or overpowered like some other electric hypercars.

New Hybrid V8 Powertrain:
In May, McLaren announced the development of a high-performance hybrid V8 engine for future supercars. The new supercar could be the first to feature this hybrid V8 powertrain, offering impressive performance and driver engagement.

Velocity International Event:
The new McLaren supercar will be unveiled at the Velocity International event, scheduled for November 10-12. This event will not only showcase the new supercar but also feature some of McLaren’s most iconic vehicles, including the Senna, Elva, and the P1. A particular highlight will be the M1A Elva, the first McLaren customer race car ever built, which gained fame in the 1966 film “Spinout” starring Elvis Presley. The event will also host several McLaren Racing personalities, including Lando Norris.

McLaren’s upcoming secret supercar is generating excitement among enthusiasts and collectors, as the company continues to build on its legacy of high-performance vehicles. While exact details remain undisclosed, the vehicle’s designation as a “very special McLaren supercar” suggests it will be a remarkable addition to the McLaren lineup. The potential for a P1 successor with a new hybrid V8 powertrain raises expectations for impressive performance and innovation. With its unveiling set for the Velocity International event, McLaren fans are looking forward to an exciting milestone in the company’s history.