Tesla Cybertruck appears larger than the Rivian R1T

Wild Tesla Cybertruck (carbuzz.com)

Recent photos of a Tesla Cybertruck parked next to a Rivian R1T at a Tesla Supercharger station reveal size differences between the two electric pickup trucks.

The images show the Cybertruck, marked as a “Release Candidate Build Engineering Prototype,” next to the R1T. This benchmarking suggests that Tesla is taking Rivian’s challenge seriously and gives potential buyers a glimpse of the Cybertruck’s size compared to its rival.

A series of photos recently surfaced, showing a Tesla Cybertruck parked alongside a Rivian R1T at a Tesla Supercharger station. The Cybertruck seen in the images is a validation prototype, indicating it is in the later stages of development. This comparison between the Cybertruck and the R1T underscores Tesla’s attention to its competition in the electric pickup truck market. While the exact dimensions of the production version of the Cybertruck remain undisclosed, the photos offer insight into its size compared to the R1T and hint at its potential position in the market.

Size Comparison:
The Cybertruck and the R1T differ in terms of size, with the Cybertruck being visibly larger. The R1T is categorized as a midsize truck, while the Cybertruck is designed as a full-size pickup. Initial information suggests that the Cybertruck measures 231.7 inches in length, 75 inches in height, and 79.8 inches in width, making it longer and taller than the R1T but slightly narrower. The Cybertruck has been promoted as having the longest bed in its class. In comparison, the Rivian R1T measures 217.1 inches in length, 87.1 inches in width, and 73.1 inches in height, with a bed length of 4.5 feet.

It’s important to approach these images with some caution, as camera angles can create optical illusions. However, the noticeable size difference aligns with the expected distinction between a full-size truck and a midsize one. The R1T’s stock ride height appears higher than that of the Cybertruck, although the R1T is known for its substantial ride height, similar to the R1S SUV.

Cybertruck’s Bed and Usability: Despite differences in length, it’s still anticipated that the Cybertruck will offer an extended bed, as Elon Musk previously claimed that it would be “the first sub-19 ft pickup truck with four doors and a bed over six feet.” While overall length matters, the practical usability of the bed space is crucial, and previous sightings have suggested that the usable space beneath the tonneau cover might present a different story.

Advancement and Delivery: Frequent sightings of the Cybertruck in various locations indicate that development is progressing rapidly. This progress suggests that the Cybertruck’s delivery is drawing closer, with plans to commence deliveries next year.

The comparison between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T provides potential buyers with an initial understanding of the Cybertruck’s size in relation to its electric pickup truck rival. While the exact dimensions of the production Cybertruck remain undisclosed, the photos emphasize its full-size truck character, which sets it apart from the midsize R1T. As electric pickup trucks continue to gain popularity, the size and usability of the Cybertruck’s bed may play a vital role in its success in the competitive market. Tesla’s active development and increasing sightings indicate that the Cybertruck is nearing its delivery phase, scheduled to commence in the coming year.