Siemens to supply 200 EV fast chargers and digital services for Turkey’s charging stations

Siemens EV charging (

Siemens will provide 200 SICHARGE D electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers and digital services to Astor Enerji, an Ankara-based manufacturer of transformer and switchgear products.

Astor Enerji plans to establish charging stations throughout Turkey, setting up chargers every 200 kilometers along highways and at shopping malls. The partnership aims to have at least 150 chargers in operation by the end of the year, with the remaining chargers to be delivered by February 2024.

Scope of Order:
Siemens has secured a significant order for 200 SICHARGE D EV fast chargers and digital services from Astor Enerji to support the expansion of EV charging infrastructure in Turkey.

Infrastructure Expansion:
Astor Enerji intends to build charging stations along highways across the country and at shopping malls. The goal is to set up chargers every 200 kilometers to cater to the growing number of electric vehicles in Turkey.

Optimized Operations:
Siemens will provide control and monitoring configuration backend software to enable optimized charger operations. The software includes cloud applications for charger management, payment modules, membership options, and energy pricing. This allows remote monitoring, control, and issue resolution for enhanced efficiency and minimized service costs.

Turkish EV Market Growth:
The Turkish electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, with projections indicating an increase in charging station infrastructure by around 50% through 2030. The country is expected to have up to two million electric cars on the road by 2030.

Strategic Collaboration:
Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Astor Enerji’s collaboration aims to contribute to Turkey’s electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and support energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies.

Award-Winning Technology:
Siemens’ SICHARGE D high-power charger, with a rating of up to 300kW, is designed for fast charging and provides dynamic power allocation to adapt to individual vehicle needs. It allows up to three vehicles to be charged in parallel and features a user-friendly interface with a 24″ adjustable screen.

Siemens’ supply of 200 SICHARGE D EV fast chargers and digital services will play a vital role in expanding Turkey’s EV charging infrastructure. With a focus on optimizing operations and addressing the country’s growing EV market, the partnership with Astor Enerji aligns with Turkey’s goals for energy efficiency and electric vehicle adoption.