Nissan unveils Hyper Punk concept for Tokyo Auto Show

NIssan Hyper Punk (

A glimpse into Nissan’s “Hyper” concept lineup tailored for content creators and cyberpunk enthusiasts

Nissan has revealed the fourth installment in its series of “Hyper” concept vehicles set to make their physical debut at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show. The Hyper Punk concept, as Nissan describes it, is crafted for content creators, influencers, artists, and those who embrace style and innovation. This futuristic vehicle is designed to serve as a “mobile creative studio,” providing seamless connectivity and a platform for on-the-go content creation. Artificial intelligence and biosensors are employed to detect the driver’s mood and adjust music and lighting accordingly. The cabin features origami-inspired design elements, and AI-generated manga-style scenery can be projected around the driver. While it doesn’t display rear seats, any such seats are likely to be compact, if they exist at all.

Much like the Tesla Cybertruck and its own cyberpunk aesthetic, the Hyper Punk boasts a distinctive roofline with an abrupt peak just behind the front windshield pillar. Its design is characterized by intricate surfacing, a unique paint scheme, and “multifaceted and polygonal surfaces,” which, according to Nissan, make it appear differently from various angles and lighting conditions. The vehicle’s headlights, taillights, and rear treatment also follow the polygonal design theme. While some aspects of the Hyper Punk may seem concept-like, Nissan sees potential in the overall shape and format, touting its “highly stable” design and “superior aerodynamic performance.”

Nissan did not provide details on the propulsion or battery technology used in the Hyper Punk. However, with the recent unveiling of the Hyper Tourer concept, Nissan hinted at the potential use of solid-state battery technology as a basis for these concept vehicles’ spacious designs. The Hyper Punk will join the ranks of the Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, and Hyper Tourer concepts for its debut in Tokyo on October 25. Before the physical presentation, Nissan is offering a sneak peek of these concepts on a digital 3D billboard in Tokyo’s vibrant Shinjuku district. Following their debut, these concepts will make a virtual appearance in the popular game “Fortnite” under the name “Electrify the World.”