Ferrari reveals one-off SP-8 Roadster based on F8 Spider

Ferrari SP-8 (

Commissioned by a client from Taiwan, the SP-8 is a roofless wonder with Unique Styling.

Ferrari’s Special Projects division has unveiled its latest creation, the SP-8, a one-off roadster based on the F8 Spider. Commissioned by a client from Taiwan, this bespoke vehicle showcases distinctive design elements and features.

The SP-8’s name, derived from the number 8, holds significant cultural importance in Chinese tradition, signifying luck. The client’s primary request was for a roofless configuration, resulting in a thoroughbred roadster. To achieve this, extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and aerodynamic simulations were conducted, and the car was track-tested to ensure minimal wind noise even under aggressive driving conditions.

The exterior features a striking two-tone finish, with glossy iridescent Blue Sandstone carbon fiber elements contrasting the matte Argento Micalizzato paint. The rear end is entirely restyled, incorporating taillights from the Roma model with specialized lenses. The vented decklid adds a distinctive touch, while the side intakes have been repositioned and restyled in matte black, housing separate ducts for intercoolers and intakes. Additional vents aid in heat dispersion from the engine.

A full-width cast aluminum grille, created from a single 3D-printed mold, complements the rear straked theme, maintaining aerodynamic efficiency. The headlights feature unique masks and lenses, and the windscreen and exhaust tips are exclusive to this model.

In the interior, the center console has been modified, with laser-etched seats finished in Navy Blue Alcantara and gradient effect cloth. Special twill fabric with an iridescent effect adorns the carpets, while yellow contrast accents add a distinctive touch.

As a one-off project for a private client, the exact cost remains undisclosed but is likely in the seven-figure range. Ferrari has announced plans to reveal four new cars this year, with the SF90 XX twins, Roma Spider, and KC23 already introduced. The SP-8, as a special project, adds another unique creation to Ferrari’s illustrious portfolio.