Ferrari patents “Active Road Noise Cancellation” technology with unconventional application

Ferrari (

Ferrari’s patented technology utilizes Active Noise Cancellation to address interior noise issues.

Ferrari has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for what it refers to as “Active Road Noise Cancellation,” a technology designed to address interior noise issues. While active noise cancellation is not a novel concept, Ferrari’s approach involves incorporating listening devices and loudspeakers into the seats to combat interior noise. This technology has applications beyond road noise and could be used in any vehicle with specific acoustic challenges.

The patent outlines the use of this technology for vehicles with a front-mounted engine and a passenger compartment with two or more seats. Notably, this description closely aligns with the upcoming V12-powered Ferrari Purosangue, a luxury performance SUV, which could benefit from such technology to mitigate road noise and vibrations.

The patent application further illustrates the incorporation of microphones within the headrests, placed near a person’s ears to capture the sounds experienced by the occupants. This auditory input is then processed by a sound-generating device (item 9) and relayed through an amplifier (item 8) to the in-car loudspeakers. The sound-generating device has the ability to create various sounds to counteract unwanted interior noises.

While the application humorously touches on mitigating natural body sounds, the technology’s primary goal is to address interior noise challenges in high-end vehicles, particularly luxury performance SUVs. With features like low-profile tires and large wheels, such vehicles may generate increased noise levels within the cabin, which active road noise cancellation technology aims to alleviate. This patent reflects Ferrari’s commitment to enhancing in-cabin comfort for its discerning customers.

The application is also a testament to Ferrari’s ongoing pursuit of innovation in various aspects of automotive technology, whether it involves improving performance or enhancing the comfort and refinement of their vehicles. This technology showcases how even prestigious automakers like Ferrari continually seek to enhance the overall driving experience.