Lando Norris downplays McLaren’s chances of a 2023 F1 win despite strong US Grand Prix finish

Lando Norris (

Norris’ hopes qwindle as he achieves podium finish in Texas

Lando Norris, celebrating his 100th Formula 1 race, now believes that McLaren’s chances of securing a race win in the 2023 season are slim, despite a remarkable second-place finish at the United States Grand Prix. Norris secured his fourth consecutive F1 podium finish at the Circuit of the Americas, lifting him to sixth in the Drivers’ Championship. Prior to the race, Norris had been cautious about McLaren’s prospects on high-speed circuits, but he defied expectations by leading 27 laps before finishing third behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

In the aftermath of his performance, Norris conceded that the Qatar Grand Prix was likely his best opportunity for a 2023 victory and suggested that McLaren might not have the advantage on the remaining circuits. He acknowledged, “I don’t think they’re any good ones [tracks] for us coming up. I think our best have gone.” Despite the diminishing odds, Norris remains hopeful for strong results and podium finishes, though he acknowledges that the competition is fierce.

Assessing the upcoming races, Norris expressed concern about the Brazil Grand Prix, as McLaren’s car has struggled in slow-speed sections of the track. He remarked, “If you looked at the GPS overlays of how bad we are in the slow speed [corners], I’m not looking forward to Brazil.” However, he remains optimistic about the races in Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi, believing they will be more favorable for McLaren.

McLaren Team Principal Andrea Stella echoed Norris’ concerns about the car’s performance in slow-speed corners, emphasizing that it is an ongoing issue that cannot be resolved this season. He explained, “It has been addressed in development, but there is no turnaround in this season to fix this.”

Despite a challenging race for McLaren, Lando Norris’s second-place finish helped the team overtake Aston Martin and secure fourth place in the Constructors’ standings. This achievement demonstrates the team’s determination and resilience, even in the face of tough competition.