Max Verstappen pushes Red Bull to address brake issues in US Grand Prix victory

Max Verstappen USGP (

Verstappen overcomes brake complications to secure his 50th F1 career win, urging Red Bull to resolve the issue.

Max Verstappen clinched his 50th Formula 1 victory in the United States Grand Prix, but not without grappling with brake issues that affected his performance throughout the race. Starting from sixth position, Verstappen worked his way to the front and held off challenges from Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen reported difficulties with his brakes from the very start, indicating that changes made to them overnight likely contributed to the problem. This hampered his consistency and confidence under braking, making tire preservation challenging.

The Dutch driver emphasized the impact of this issue, stating that it affected his pace compared to the previous day’s performance. While Verstappen politely requested not to receive instructions while braking, he downplayed the in-race discussion.

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner confirmed that the brake issue affected Verstappen’s tire temperatures and pace, particularly in braking zones. Data analysis showed that Verstappen was losing time to his teammate Sergio Perez primarily in these zones.

While Verstappen’s victory was secured, he and Red Bull are keen on addressing the brake complications to ensure optimal performance in future races.