Ford’s future in V8 supercars hangs in the balance after aero changes

Ford V8 Supercars (

Ford may reconsider its participation in V8 Supercars Championship as it lags behind the Camaro.

After a dominating start to the V8 Supercars Championship season by Chevrolet’s Camaro, Ford issued a stark warning about its potential exit from the sport. However, the tables may turn as Ford is granted permission to make adjustments to its Gen3 cars’ aero package.

The Camaro’s early dominance saw Ford express serious concerns about the competitiveness and fairness of the series, despite being a parity-based competition. Following a string of Camaro victories, Ford appealed for changes to level the playing field.

Ford will introduce an updated aero package for its Mustang, featuring alterations to the rear wing, side skirts, and front fascia. These modifications aim to reduce drag while redistributing downforce toward the car’s rear, potentially boosting its performance.

The changes are set to take effect before the upcoming Gold Coast 500 race weekend. However, Ford continues to emphasize the need for engine upgrades to ensure fair competition.

Ford’s simulations indicate that it lags approximately 0.42 seconds per lap behind the Camaro at Mount Panorama. With combined aero adjustments and engine enhancements, Ford believes it could narrow the performance gap to 0.112 seconds. Despite these adjustments, Ford has not retracted its statement about considering its options beyond 2024, leaving the possibility of its withdrawal from the series.

The remainder of the season may see further changes aimed at enhancing the sport’s competitiveness and excitement. While the competition unfolds on the track, Chevrolet may face challenges in the showroom as reports suggest an early end to Camaro production before 2024. Additionally, the Dodge Challenger is expected to undergo changes, leaving the S650 Ford Mustang as the sole new V8 pony car in the market. The future of V8 Supercars and the title of the real winner remain uncertain.