Mitsubishi unveils D:X Concept: A bold coming together of a minivan and an off-roader

Mitsubishi D (

Mitsubishi’s D:X Concept showcases an exciting blend of practicality, off-road capability, and innovative design.

Mitsubishi has broken free from its recent uninspiring lineup with the introduction of the D:X Concept, a vehicle that challenges the norm by combining a practical minivan with off-road prowess, all powered by a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. This concept is a fresh departure for the brand and demonstrates its innovative potential.

The D:X Concept boasts a plug-in hybrid drivetrain sending power to all four wheels. Mitsubishi’s experience with the latest Outlander Plug-In Hybrid suggests that they can deliver sophisticated and powerful PHEVs. The electric four-wheel drive system works in tandem with the S-AWC vehicle dynamic management system, ensuring a stable and secure ride in various conditions.

Safety and structural integrity are paramount in the D:X, with a rib-bone frame and circular framework structure enhancing occupant protection in case of a collision. Mitsubishi’s design ethos for this concept emphasizes “Maximum Space and Safety for Humans, Maximum Off-Roader for Boundaryless Adventure.”

The D:X’s exterior design stands out with an expansive glasshouse, wraparound windshield, and a forward-thinking Dynamic Shield design. Off-road capabilities are evident with chunky wheels and tires, generous ground clearance, skid plates, and sidestep protectors. The stylish copper finish with a semi-gloss look exudes a sense of adventure inspired by luxurious glamping.

The D:X’s interior is a highlight, offering panoramic seats that can rotate for a lounge-style atmosphere or adjusted to create various cabin layouts. The driver benefits from a wide field of view through a see-through hood and ample windscreen. An AI-driven digital concierge/assistant enhances the cabin experience with valuable information and route guidance. The interior is adorned with tasteful tan leather and elegant metal inlays in Alumite Gray.

To keep passengers entertained, a collaboration between Yamaha and Mitsubishi has led to a three-dimensional sound system, immersing occupants in an extraordinary audio experience.

The D:X Concept serves as a preview for the next-generation Delica, a renowned range of off-road-capable minivans with over 50 years of production history. While the road-ready version may not match the adventurous concept entirely, it hints at Mitsubishi’s potential for bold and exciting designs.

Although Mitsubishi is part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with plans for numerous electric vehicles, the D:X Concept is powered by a plug-in hybrid system. However, an electrified Triton pickup has been confirmed, suggesting an electric future for Mitsubishi.

In a market yearning for innovative designs and fresh ideas, the D:X Concept is a promising sign of Mitsubishi’s willingness to step beyond convention and offer exciting vehicles.