Audi Introduces Personalized Themes for In-Car MMI Systems

Audi Customizable Screens (

Audi is embracing customization with a new feature that allows users to personalize their in-car MMI systems through Audi Themes, a concept reminiscent of smartphone and computer wallpapers. These themes, available for select 2023/24 Audi vehicles, can be purchased via the Audi App Store for a one-time fee starting at $12.99 (plus taxes and fees). However, Audi emphasizes that the themes are exclusive to the car of purchase and cannot be transferred.

To access the themes, users need the latest MIB 3 software cluster and an Audi connect PLUS subscription with Wi-Fi to use the Audi App Store. The themes, surprisingly, do not revolve around automotive elements but instead offer choices like travel landscapes, animals, and abstract shapes. Licensed from renowned photographers, these themes even include seasonal options like the Christmas tree snow globe and Santa Claus. For cars equipped with the Ambient Light Package plus, the in-vehicle lights automatically sync with the chosen theme.

While the initial themes focus on non-automotive categories, Audi plans to introduce movie characters, sports, and other themes in the future. Suggestions include automotive-related themes highlighting quattro’s history and the Audi brand. Audi enthusiasts may anticipate retro themes for the Virtual Cockpit gauge display, enabling users to transform their modern cars into classic models, akin to the recent trend seen in the automotive industry.

Audi’s move towards offering subscription features, like customizable themes, appears less controversial than certain competitors’ approaches. Charging $13 for a wallpaper is positioned as a playful way for customers to personalize their vehicles, and the company aims to explore additional offerings in the future. While this shift towards more screens in cars might raise concerns among traditional enthusiasts, the appeal of transforming gauges to resemble iconic Audi models is a unique and potentially enticing proposition.