Volkswagen Shifts Interior Design Approach with ID. 2all Concept, Embracing Physical Controls

VW ID. 2all (

Customer Feedback Prompts VW to Introduce More Physical Buttons and Dials in Future Models

Volkswagen (VW) is set to transform its interior design approach, as showcased by the ID. 2all concept, responding to customer feedback critical of the touch-sensitive controls featured in models such as the Mk8 Golf and the electric ID.3. The new concept ushers in a return to physical buttons and switches, addressing the preferences of customers who found the touchscreen-centric approach lacking.

Darius Watola, VW’s interior designer, acknowledged that the ID. 2all concept’s interior design was influenced by customer feedback, notably those dissatisfied with the excessive use of touch-sensitive controls. The concept deviates from the Mk8 Golf by incorporating a row of physical switches for climate control positioned below the central infotainment display. Additionally, a rotary dial in the center console is introduced to control the infotainment display, marking a departure from the touch-sensitive trend.

This shift in design philosophy is part of VW’s acknowledgment that the previous emphasis on touch-sensitive controls may have been excessive. VW Chief Executive Thomas Schäfer had previously stated the intention to move away from haptic controls on steering wheels in favor of more traditional buttons.

Andreas Mindt, VW’s design boss, emphasized the importance of customer preferences, stating, “Customers say a pure touchscreen is not enough, and they expect physical switches and dials for important functions.”

Beyond the reintroduction of physical controls, VW aims to revamp its cabin materials. The company plans to phase out leather, chrome, glue, and hard plastics, opting for more sustainable alternatives such as fabrics and Alcantara.

The ID. 2all concept’s interior design sets the tone for future VW models, aligning with the evolving expectations of customers. VW has confirmed plans to produce a production version of the ID. 2all concept, positioning it as its most affordable electric vehicle (EV) with a price tag below €25,000 ($27,000). The automaker will also extend the model range with Skoda and Cupra-badged versions and introduce an SUV-based variant, showcasing its commitment to a diverse and customer-centric electric vehicle lineup.