TVR Griffith Faces Production Dilemma as Welsh Government Lists Factory for Sale

TVR Griffith 7 (

Exclusive Lease Rights Expire, Casting Uncertainty Over TVR’s Long-Awaited Sports Car

In a significant setback for the TVR Griffith, there’s growing uncertainty about the sports car’s future as the Welsh government decides to list the Rassau Industrial Estate factory in Blaenau Gwent, Wales, for potential buyers. Initially slated to debut in 2019, the TVR Griffith has been plagued by repeated delays, and the latest development raises doubts about whether the much-anticipated vehicle will ever become a reality.

The former Techboard factory, acquired by the Welsh government in 2017, was intended to undergo refurbishment before being leased to TVR, providing a dedicated space for Griffith production. However, during a recent meeting of Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council’s Place scrutiny committee, it emerged that the Welsh government has opted to put the facility on the market. Ellie Fry, corporate director for regeneration and community services, disclosed that TVR’s exclusive rights to rent the Techboard building have lapsed, leaving the option open for others to acquire the facility.

Fry further revealed that the borough has received several inquiries over the past six months for a building of similar size, as reported by South Wales Argus. The uncertainty about TVR’s occupancy has triggered interest from potential alternative occupants, creating a competitive scenario for the site.

The TVR Griffith, initially promising a Ford-sourced V8 with 500 horsepower, has faced production delays since its unveiling in 2017. With six years passed, the sports car is yet to enter production. The latest update from the brand, 18 months ago, hinted at an all-electric version of the Griffith. Additionally, TVR expressed aspirations to venture into the production of a high-performance electric sedan and SUV. However, the fate of these ambitious projects remains uncertain, leaving enthusiasts questioning whether any of these vehicles will indeed see the light of day.