Genesis GV80: A Compelling Luxury Crossover Alternative

Genesis GV80 (

Balancing Affordability, Style, and Performance in the Competitive Luxury Segment

The Genesis GV80 stands as a testament to Genesis’ position as a luxury brand, offering a distinctive alternative in the competitive luxury crossover market. While BMW and Mercedes-Benz are usual contenders, the GV80 proves to be a compelling choice for those seeking a unique blend of features without the hefty price tag.

Exterior Elegance: Making a Bold Statement

Presenting an imposing presence, the GV80 boasts a shield-style grille and timeless design, drawing inspiration from Bentley’s elegance. Former Bentley Director of Design, Luc Donckerwolke, infuses the GV80 with a bold aesthetic that sets it apart in the executive parking lot. The exterior, especially in the 3.5T Prestige Matte trim, exudes luxury with matte paint, 22-inch alloy wheels, and Bentley-like styling cues.

Interior Sophistication: Welcoming and Spacious

Inside, the GV80 offers a spacious and welcoming environment, albeit with some ergonomic considerations. The third row, when equipped, accommodates up to eight occupants. The materials and build quality reflect excellence, resembling the luxury associated with Bentley. Cargo space is practical, with a low loading height and underfloor storage enhancing usability.

Technology and Infotainment: A Few Tweaks Needed

The 2023 GV80’s infotainment system shows room for improvement, but a 2025 model promises a 27-inch OLED screen and tech enhancements. The current model features a crisp 14.5-inch main screen with responsive controls. While lacking wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the GV80 compensates with an impressive Highway Driving Assist system and a generous safety suite.

Powertrain: Striking the Right Balance

With a choice between a punchy four-cylinder engine or a more powerful turbocharged V6, the GV80’s powertrain offerings cater to diverse preferences. The standard all-wheel-drive enhances stability, and the smooth surge from the V6 engine contributes to a luxurious driving experience, even if fuel economy is not its strong suit.


Genesis GV80 interior (

On the Road: Comfort and Control

The GV80 excels in delivering a luxurious driving experience with a supple suspension and excellent maneuverability. While it may not match BMW’s driving dynamics, it strikes a balance between comfort and swiftness. The Highway Driving Assist system, offering a hands-on yet convenient driving experience, is a standout feature.

Value-Packed Luxury

With a starting price of $55,550, the GV80 offers an attractive entry point to the luxury market. The 3.5T models, starting at $62,700, provide even more features, making them competitive against pricier German counterparts. The upcoming 2025 model refresh, along with optional packages, positions the GV80 as a more than viable alternative, combining excellent value, head-turning design, and a distinctive driving experience in the luxury crossover landscape.