Nvidia’s DRIVE Technology to Power Automated Driving Systems in Chinese EVs


Li Auto, Great Wall Motor, Zeekr, and Xiaomi Choose Nvidia for Advanced Self-Driving Capabilities

Nvidia, the prominent chip giant, has expanded its influence in the automotive sector by securing partnerships with four Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers for their automated driving systems. Li Auto, Great Wall Motor, Zeekr, and Xiaomi have all selected Nvidia’s DRIVE technology to enhance their self-driving capabilities.

Li Auto will implement Nvidia’s DRIVE Thor centralized car computer, while Great Wall Motor, Zeekr, and Xiaomi have opted for the DRIVE Orin platform. Nvidia’s advanced automotive technologies, including DRIVE Thor and DRIVE Orin, provide robust solutions for powering self-driving systems, enabling manufacturers to integrate cutting-edge automation features.

Nvidia’s presence at the CES Show in Las Vegas showcased its technology in various vehicles, emphasizing its significance across the automotive landscape. The Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class and Polestar 3 both utilize the DRIVE Orin system for their automated driving functions, demonstrating the versatility and adoption of Nvidia’s solutions by leading automakers.

The Xiaomi SU7, unveiled as Xiaomi’s inaugural electric vehicle, stands out among the newly announced partnerships. Boasting compelling specifications and innovative features, the SU7 is equipped with Nvidia’s technology to enhance its automated driving systems. Xiaomi showcased the vehicle’s self-parking capabilities, further highlighting the integration of Nvidia’s advanced solutions.

In addition to its partnerships with automakers, Nvidia’s technologies extend to Lenovo’s XH1 central computer unit for advanced driver-assistance systems and the latest-generation robotaxi from Zoox. The collaboration between Nvidia and Chinese EV manufacturers underscores the importance of advanced computing solutions in shaping the future of autonomous driving.