Volkswagen’s Cariad and Bosch Develop Automated Parking and Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles

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Collaboration Aims to Revolutionize EV Parking and Charging through SAE Level 4 Autonomous Driving

Volkswagen’s software subsidiary, Cariad, has joined forces with Bosch to pioneer a transformative approach to electric vehicle (EV) parking and charging. The collaborative effort focuses on developing automated parking services and automated charging, leveraging SAE Level 4 autonomous driving technology.

The in-development technology allows EVs, showcased initially on an Audi Q8 e-tron, to autonomously locate a parking spot equipped with a charging station without the need for a driver. A robot then takes charge, opening the charging flap and automatically inserting the charging cable. Once the desired battery charge level is reached, the EV autonomously returns to a regular parking spot, enhancing convenience and saving time for users.

Manuel Maier, Vice President of the cross-domain Level 4 parking product area at Bosch, emphasized the role of automation in the mobility revolution and the transition to electromobility. The collaborative effort aims to significantly improve the mobility experience for users through two key services: automated valet parking and automated valet charging.

Similar to Mercedes-Benz’s self-parking technology, developed in partnership with Bosch, Cariad’s autonomous tech is designed to operate in specific parking garages equipped by Bosch. The technology is currently undergoing testing in two in-house parking garages in Germany, with driverless parking using automated valet parking tested in Cariad’s staff parking garage in Ingolstadt and driverless charging with automated valet charging tested in Bosch’s development parking garage in Ludwigsburg.

Rolf Dubitzky, Head of Parking at Cariad, expressed excitement about shaping the future of automated parking and charging in collaboration with Bosch. The joint efforts aim to ensure that the technologies are tested at an early stage of vehicle development, providing customers with a reliable and optimal user experience.

While initial implementations may occur in Germany, the technology’s demonstration at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas provides a glimpse of its potential impact on the future of EV mobility and convenience. The collaboration aligns with Volkswagen’s commitment to advancing innovative solutions in the electric vehicle space.